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Policy Overview

Love of Life Photography, INC.  strives to please all our customers.  To ensure both client and photographer share expectations we have created the below policies.  Please take a few moments to read through them before your session:


Session Fee & Information

Investment Deposit is due in advance of the session to reserve your time.  In the event of illness or emergency please provide as much notice as possible.  If notice is not received prior to 30 minutes before the session your investment deposit may be forfeited at the discretion of Love of Life Photography. 


All orders are custom orders.  Once collages and album designs are approved (verbally or electronically) they are non-refundable.   Replacements will be made on print defects only and will be ordered upon return of the defective prints.  (Misspelling on an approved article of work is not a print defect, please check names carefully!)


Love of Life Photography will not provide alterations that are outside of their original artistic vision.  Your images will have variety, and sometimes a serious expression, looking away from the camera or even an artistic crop off of the top of the head will add to the emotion of your portrait. Please familiarize yourself and be comfortable with Love of Life’s’ style before hiring them for your portraits.


Please call to reschedule your session if anyone in the session is having flu like symptoms or fever.  The photographer will also inform you if they are feeling unwell and allow you to determine if you would like to proceed with the session (colds, headaches, etc).  Healthy children are happy children and take better photographs.


Ordering Session

Your in-person Ordering session will be scheduled 1-3 weeks from your Portrait Session. All decision making parties should be available for that ordering session.  A second ordering session will only be conducted for an additional deposit.  If you are unable to place your order at the in-person Ordering session, you can request an online album for viewing for a non-refundable $300.00 deposit to be applied towards your portraits.   Online galleries will be made available for 7 days. Galleries that require reposting will be charged a $50 reposting fee.




Only the Photographer’s camera is allowed at the session. No still or video photography is permitted during your session.



Pricing for Reprints is guaranteed for 60 days.  Any re-orders placed after 60 days will be subject to current prices.  There is a minimum $100 order on all reprints.  All ordered images are kept on file for 1 year from the date of your Ordering Session, and all other images are purged after 14 days.


Return Check Policy

Return checks will incur a $25 return check fee.  Two return checks within a one year period will result in loss of check writing privileges.



Love of Life Photography retains the copyright to all work created by its photographers.  It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs without the express written consent of Love of Life Photography.  If you find you have an additional need that we cannot meet please let us know and we will do our best to work with you. 


The studio reserves the right to use negatives, images, and/or reproductions for display, publication, or other purposes.  If you do not wish for certain images to be used in our displays, public online galleries, or marketing materials please provide a written statement at the time of your order as to which specific images you would not like used



By signing below you agree that you have read and understand the above policies:


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